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Thursday 5th September

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Well, what can I say about my day. Not much, as I have not done much today. I went to the hospital to have my scar checked because last year I had an operation to repair a hernia. They gave me the all clear and discharged me so I’m not going back, which I am glad as I don’t like hospitals.

Before I went to the hospital I played on football manager 2012, yes I know its out of date, but I love that game. I always edit the game files so the team I managed would become the best in the game. I always start with my team being in division one and then I worked my way up. The last time I did this, I got sacked for getting the team into the premier I was not happy, you would have thought they would have kept me, especially when I got them promoted. I might play “Sims 3” later as I love that game too. I have most of the expansion packs, but cannot see the point in buying them any more because “Sims 4” is out next year.

Oh my God, what’s happened to this weather I’m baking like a potato. When I got back from the hospital, I read an article on the BBC website about a worker that has been suspended for helping someone off the tracks after they feel on it, sorry, but if I saw someone fall on to the track and there was no train coming, I would help them up, and I really don’t know what the company were thinking.

Well, tomorrow is my dad’s birthday and I’m hoping he likes his present I got him. I have already chosen what I wanted to get him for Christmas, but that can wait untill near the time.

My cockatiel, Nibbles has been playing with his new treat today, it’s a log with food in it which we got for Boo’s birthday, but nibbles seemed to like it more than the others like it, but he does get very angry with it. I am going to leave you with some pictures of my cockatiels.