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Well today has been a boring day i spent most of it sat on the sofa as i had a sore back. I have found it hard to turn. It was also my dads birthday so happy birthday dad i hope you had a good day and liked my prezzie i got you. He did pop round to drop some post to me but david went down to get it as i could hardly move.

David and I poped out to town to get some bits and bobs and we came across these

McCoy’s Potato ridges

we were thinking how strange but they do taste nice but not like the crisps. I got these from Icelands  they also do these in salted and also have Wotsits and Hula hoops. I have tried the wotsits ones and they taste nothing like the crisps. I want to try the hula hoop ones so I may get some next time i go to town.

When we got back from town I decided I wanted to do some crocheting so i went online and found some patterns i have started to do this pattern 


I have so far done the top but i am sure i will have it finished tomorrow so will post a picture of it tomorrow if it is finished.

My birds have been out tonight and are now in their day cage waiting for us to take them to their night cage where they seem to sleep better than they do in the living room I think its because they know we are not too far away. Well hopefully tomorrow i have more to write about.

Until tomorrow night guys