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Hello peeps I got up this morning with no pain in my back 🙂 which means I had to get on with my tidying up. We decided it was time to change living room around so it looked like we had more room. We decided we wanted to move the telly but noticed that where we wanted the tv that sky had only just put the sky wire just long enough to reach lucky we didn’t want to move it to the other side the room. Think we only moved it a little away from where it was. Think sky need to think before they cut the wire then maybe we could move are tv to where we want it.

While David sorted his stuff out I decided to clean the bathroom which was not a nice job one of the rooms I hate cleaning but it needed to doing. it’s now sparkling clean. After I had finished cleaning the bathroom I decided it was time to have a shower. After my shower I got into my onesie and helped David finish the living room off. Got to say I love the way we have it now and the cockatiels get to look out the window and enjoy the sun light.

I said in yesterday’s blog I was going to finish my crocheting but with all the tidying I have done I did not had a chance to do any but hopefully tomorrow I will. We have also been trying to keep busy as it was a week today since we lost are Sheldon (cockatiel) it’s still strange now  not hearing him in the cage saying love you and whit woo. The other birds don’t really talk nibbles will say love you now and again. Well I am going to go bed hopefully I will have a better blog tomorrow night peeps.