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Tuesday 10th September

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Today I have spent most of the day waiting for removal men to come and take some furniture who did not turn up. David found he had £25 voucher on Ebay which he used to get an oil heater then found he had another for using that one. I wonder if he will get me something nice with it. We went to our local Tescos and found out it had closed down without telling anyone so had to walk all the way to town to Iceland just to get milk and bread. what company does not tell anyone its closing down or shutting for a little while why they do improvements?

Got home and David cooked me a lovely dinner but could not eat it all as he always make huge portions. I did a little bit of crocheting. I am in middle making a hat but a different one to the one I made the other day this one has hearts on it.

While David let the birds out for nightly flight I went and had a bath. I got to say if anyone is looking for a great place to get bath stuff try “it makes sense” her stuff is amazing. I at the moment have got mango shower butter and it makes your skin so soft I will so be ordering more of her and also her oil burner melts smell so nice I didn’t want to blow out my candle to my oil burner you can find her at  on Facebook just search it makes sense on Facebook and if you’re in Rhyl check out her shop.

Well tomorrow I have got packing to do as I am going away on holiday with my mum, dad, brother Marc and my Nan on thursday we going to place called Fakenham which is near little snoring which when I found out I said it’s not going to be little snoring when we get there it will big snoring lol. I will still be doing my blogs as Marc is bringing his iPad and said I can use that to update my blog. Well talk to you all tomorrow it may be and earlier blog so I can get an early night. Night everyone