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Thursday 12 September

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So, I am sat in the car, on my way to pick my Nana up from Cambridge. We have already picked up my brother Marc. I am not liking the weather it is very cloudy with hint of blue sky. Just hope it doesn’t rain as I have a tent to put up so would like it to stay dry. Just asked my brother about first dentist appointments as I am finally going to see a dentist for the first time on the 23rd september and he has made it seem less scary than I thought it would be.

So, we just picked up nana, and now on are way to Fakenham. The weather in Cambridge was sunny with a bit of cloud. Before we got cartridge Marc’s friend steve video called him and was joining in our journey to Cambridge. We were laughing at mum on the way as I asked her what’s in the field and she said it was maize and me marc did the lines from grown ups where they going about maize just being corn.

We are now here and the camp we are staying at is actually reminds me of staying on someones garden the land is so small. It’s behind the pub which is very expensive for food its like 10.50 for fish and chips so we are not going to eat from there we are going to find somewhere else to eat. We have put the tent up and set up the bedrooms so everyone has somewhere to sleep. We have been to tescos to get some shopping in. Tonight we had salad for dinner I didn’t eat it all as I am not a big fan of salad. It has started to get cold that I have had to put my hoodie on to keep me warm.

While I remember I had amazing phone call from my lovely David who rang me just to tell me that he managed to upgrade his contract and has got me a new phone :-). I will leave what phone he has got me as a surprise till I get home. Well hopefully we got out somewhere tomorrow so hopefully have something better to write about bye-bye for now peeps