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It decided to rain all night but was not even cold though mum was complaining she was cold last night. Mum got up and did the breakfast she makes breakfast on all holidays I sometimes will make a dinner but not when we are in a tent I don’t trust myself cooking on open stove though saying that at least I couldn’t burn anything down. Today I decided to have a sausage and bacon sandwich.


After breakfast we got into the car and went to a place called Cromer. While we were there we looked around the shops. I wanted to get some cockles which is my favorite seafood but when we got to the only seafood shop they had no cockles. so, instead I decided to try clams which tasted just like cockles so I was happy and after I had finished them I wanted to walk back round and get some more.


we went for a cup of tea at a cafe. after our cup of tea we went round trying to find a nice place to get some dinner. we found a restaurant on the seafront. I had haddock and chips which I may add it costed £9 which is way more than I pay at home for fish and chips and this was also without a drink. After we had finished eating we headed back to the car.


we headed back to the tent with guess the directions mum was giving dad. So Marc used his phone to make sure mum was giving the right directions and for once she was right as, we have been going places before and she has taken us either the wrong way or a way that adds loads more time to your journey.


When we got back to the tent we had to re put up the cooking porch back up as it had fallen down. It was to do with the fact it was windy and we had used the wrong tent pegs we had used the normal tent pegs instead of the storm pegs. I am now watching telly and going to get an early night, wrap up in my sleeping bags as the temperature is going to drop tonight as we are meant to be getting strong winds. Night peeps