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Hi everyone I just thought I would share with you some poems I wrote a while back I hope you enjoy them

Is This Love

Is this love
Or have I been dreaming
Everytime you’re near me
I feel warm inside
When you’re not
I go cold
Someday you will
Be away
I will be sad
Till we are together
Do you think this is love?
I do


(This poem is about a cockatiel that sadly past away) 043

Quavers my yellow little angel
How I miss seeing your face
How I miss hearing your tweet
Quavers you were a great pet
I miss your cuddles and your kisses
I miss you fighting with me at dinner times
I miss you and I love you always
RI.P baby girl till the day we meet again
At rainbow bridge

My brother

My brother is special to me
He is their when I am sad
The one who makes me laugh
When things are getting tough
He is their to have fun
And get in trouble with
I may not say I love you
But I do
I wouldn’t change you
Not for no one
You one in a million
You are my brother