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So, as if you been follow my twitter and Facebook page you will know I have decided to do my blogs weekly so I have more to write about. As you will also know I have also been suffering from light handedness which I finally got to see a doctor today who has told me to take this medication he has given me and if not any better make appointment with him again in 10 days. I am just hoping the medication works as I hate feeling like this saying that I have had 2 dose of it already and it takes edge away for about half an hour than its back but does say in leaflet it can take a couple of days to kick in.

Well apart from feeling like poo I managed to crochet a Shaun the sheep teddy and here is the final result

Shaun the sheep
Shaun the sheep

I really enjoyed making I know his head is not white but I ran out of white wool so used my blue and white wool. I get all my patterns from craftsy.com it has loads of amazing patterns. I made Shaun the sheep for my partner David and he has told me he loves it. I hoping to make more of these soon but first I will be making an android guy which should be fun to make.

This week also when we were going to town to get some stuff I noticed a poster about a african grey parrot that had escaped and David said there was no chance us seeing it has it flew past us. So, I got the number of the poster for David so he could ring the owner. After a few calls we managed to get through to him. He came and met us and we showed him where we saw her go. After a little while them trying to catch her in the area we saw her. We saw her fly across the main road I started to walk towards where I saw her dive but I actually headed in the wrong way. Some kids shouted are you looking for a bird and we said we helping a guy find it and they pointed that it was sat on someone’s roof. We showed the guy where he was then watched from the side to see if they could get her back. They used pizza to coax her down of the roof which worked and he even managed to through his jacket over her and got her back in her cage. We went and spoke to them after and they thanked us for ringing when we spotted her. We txt them the next day to see if she was alright and got reply back saying she was okay but being very quiet. I am so glad they got her back if reminded me when our Sheldon disappeared we searched for over a week for him and we finally got him back but I am leaving his story out my blogs as I am going to write a book about him. Which I am going to sit and do very soon so keep a look out for it.

Other than going to doctors today and tidying up I have not done anything else. So until next week take care.