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School life part 2

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So, after Coleridge, I went to Impington Village College which was when my school life went off the rails. As I was still being bullied at this school I did not care about my school work so my grades started to drop. I also got myself excluded from school but it was not all just me. On what happened it was a few other girls who managed to take their parts out the book we were writing and I got all the blame but the school had to let me back early as we were doing mock exams I spent the rest of my time at this school inside the behavioural unit I was not allowed to go to my lessons all my work was sent to the unit. I was not even allowed to have a break and I only got 15 minutes for my lunch and even then the teacher walked me down to the canteen to get my lunch and walked me back. Looking back at it now I wish I never did what I did and I just ignored the bullies but I was also at the same school as my brother so I was always sticking up for him as well so I was always in trouble with my head cause of that as well but I wouldn’t and still won’t let anything bad happen to my brother or said about him.

I left this school as we moved up to Blackpool I actually liked my school here but got into the wrong crowd well I had no choice really there was only 7 of us in my class. I was put in the behavioural class here as well from day one as they didn’t think I should be in mainstream school as they had been in touch with my old school. I loved it only had to go to school 2 days a week 3 days we would go off to work experience. The only thing from this school is I only come out with 2 GCSE in English and maths it would have been 3 but they couldn’t put me in for the childcare exam as I missed nearly a year of the course.

My work placement I worked in gym across the road from which even though we were only supposed to do 9 till 3 me and the other girl used to do proper work shifts she used to do mornings as she couldn’t stay till the gym closed as she lived further out then I did I lived across the road. So, would do the afternoon till closing. I carried on helping out even when we were allowed to finish are work placement but was told to leave when I wore my own clothes as me and the other student had to share uniform and cause they had not cleaned it I refused to wear it but they also said that there phone bill was all me as well which my parents had to pay for but it wasn’t I recognised the numbers to be the other students but they didn’t believe me. I even started smoking at this school but I have since given up.

I only had some fallings out with the girls in my class but it was suspected as we were all girls. I was just glad I was able to go to this school and as I was so grateful I actually got on with my work. My maths was different to the rest of class as I found the work they were giving us was too easy. I even got on with my English work even thou the teacher did say that I need to do my homework which I never had time to do as I was working in the corner shop as well helping out at the gym.

After I had finished school I went on to college which I will tell you about in another blog until then

Bye for now x