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Sorry I have not been on here a while but I have been very busy with going away on holiday as well as getting ready for christmas. I hate getting ready for christmas it is always so stressful. Trying to work out who you need to buy for and then stressing if they are going to like it or not. This year I thought I will get them what I think they will like and if they don’t tuff its the thought that counts. I am especially hoping that my nieces like their presents I will show pictures of them in my next blog as I don’t want them seeing them yet but there is only 3 days to go before they see them :).


Well I went on holiday at the end of November to Rhyl in North Wales. I had such a lovely time seeing my friends that I hadn’t seen for a while. We went to Rhyl’s Xmas lights switch on which was a good evening. I heard an amazing band called Overload who are from London. They sang Busted song year 3000 which is my favourite Busted song. They were one of the best acts their so check them out. We actually only went to the lights so my mum called see Brian McFadden ex member of Westlife as she loves westlife but he turned up late and he was going to turn the lights on but they did that without him and the cast of the panto at Rhyl Pavillion switch them on instead with the mayor of Rhyl. Brian turned up about 10 mins after the lights had come on but he still entertained the crowd that had stayed to see him. Which I got to say was nice of him as he could have decided on his way that as he was already running late that he wouldn’t turn up and then he would have had some very angry fans.


Any way I am going to leave this blog here and maybe I will have a better one after Xmas day. Till then Have a very Merry Christmas and don’t get too drunk.