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A relaxing day

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So, today I have spent most of my day crocheting squares for a blanket I am making for a friend.  I like to crochet it helps me to relax and chilly out.

My cockatiels have been going nuts today been very noisy but I think that’s to do with that we didn’t let them out this morning like we normally do. This only didn’t happen cause my partner is not well and we have been waiting for a delivery.

Well the delivery arrived its our new security camera but we are using it for the birds. So, we can leave them for a day on their own but can see what they doing without worrying about them. We find it hard to leave them cause they fight when we are with them and as we can talk to them they should stop fighting but I am more than sure they go to sleep when we are not here which will be good if they do.

The security cam not going to plan as it will not let us view it unless we are own network. Well whats a point of a security camera that you have to be at home to be able to see if your place is being burgled takes the mick it really does.

Any way I am going to go and finish some more squares for my blanket. Feel free to ask me a question. Till my next blog take care everyone