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Well today was an alright day, First we went to the ink cartridge shop that is on the industrial estate near where I live, but saying that getting there was okay as we needed to pop to my mum’s after we ended up walking down part if a road that had no foot path so had to walk on the grass verge as that us the way Google maps sent us even when we told it we were on foot.

Once we found the bus stop we waited for the bus that we needed. We did not have to wait long, but the bus went the longest way round my local area just to get to the shops where we got off to go into the estate agents. We managed to get out of there as our next bus was at the bus stop which would take us into town. On this bus we sat upstairs and this is where David (partner) found a grasshopper.  Which he scooped up and managed to keep hold of it until we got off the bus in town where he took away to the grass area and let it go.

We went back to the bus station to get the next bus to my mother’s. When we got there Marc (brother) opened the door to tell me I had just missed my mum and dad they had just left for the place I had to go to next my sisters. So we picked up what we needed then got on the bus back to town.

I got on the bus to my sister. When I arrived at my sisters my nieces Hannah and Amber where in their paddling pool. Hannah decided it would be nice to soak me. It didn’t bother me, but Hannah hates being splashed so every time I went to get her back she would complain, where amber would laugh.

After a little while of just throwing water at each other, I decided to sit in the pool. Just to tell you all I did this all fully clothed as I forgot my swim-wear. After about an hour, or so we decided it was time to come in, My sister was kind and gave me a change of clothes.

I stayed at my sisters a little while and showed Hannah what pattern she could do on mini rainbow loom. I am into this craze as it is relaxing to do my mum even does this one. When David arrived we went to Tesco and done some shopping. The joys of shopping I can’t stand going shopping, but I know it has to be done. It is actually Tesco’s I hate going to that store always sends my sleepy and angry.

Once we get home we did the tiding up and unplumbed the washer machine as we get our Samsung eco bubble tomorrow any time between 7am and 11am which means I am up at 6:30am so I had better leave this blog here and go to sleep as its 12:49am and if I don’t sleep now I will not be up in time in the morning. So night everyone