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Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Today I was up early 6:30am which was a shock to my system especially when I only went to sleep at 1am. We got up expecting our washing machine that a told you about yesterday to arrive between 7am and 9am, but they didn’t turn up until half 9. In the meantime I had managed to go to tescos to get some milk.

When the washing machine got here they took the old one out. One guy plumbed in our new one, while the other guy managed to carry the old washer on his own down the stairs. We left the plumber guy to do what he came to do. After he had left we noticed he had left his gloves so, David rang him to tell him he had left them and he told us to keep them, which we thought was strange.

We gathered up the washing so we could do some washing and noticed a rip in the lino. So, no wonder he didn’t want his gloves back and he hadn’t even put the washing machine in the gap it was meant to be in. David was straight on the phone to them. Would name and shame them, but want to see if the company that we got it from deal with it first we didn’t get direct from Samsung wish we did. After that, we put the washing machine in the gap and decided we would test. When we switch it on it does the Samsung phone tune when you switch on a Samsung phone. We set it on a quick wash just to see how it worked. Got to say for first wash it cleaned the clothes perfectly would recommend the Samsung eco bubble to anyone. My favourite part is when its finished a wash it starts doing a different tune to let you know its done.

Well that’s enough about my washing machine. Well done if you made it this far I will now just sum up what I did the rest of the day. Went to town, got some new clothes and shoes will post a picture in tomorrow blog. Also, burnt my hand on the oven, which hurts. Had a nap and the sofa while David painted the hallway and now the birds our having a chit chat.

Forgot to tell you all we got a new bird who I will write a separate blog about tomorrow which will go alongside my daily blog. Any way if you made it this far, you will be happy to know I am now at the end. So, good night everyone