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Hiya again well today started off with me sleeping in till 12:30pm I must have needed my sleep. So, in a rush so I could get a couple of hours in the gym I got up had a coffee and some toast. I walked to the gym I use this as a warm up before i get to the gym. I rang my mother on the way to arrange a meet up spot for Saturday as I am going into town with her, my nieces, David and Tasha. then she wanted to go and do something so I rang my brother Marc who had not much to say. after finishing on the phone to Marc I decided I should ring my Nan to see how she is and she is good. I arrived at the gym still talking to my Nan we always have long chats. I said goodbye to my Nan and went into the gym. At the gym today I manged 2 hours I did the treadmill, excise bike and then some the weight machines. To finish off I did the treadmill again but this time I set it so he went of my heart rate which decided how up hill you where walking I think my uphill got to 12.5. which I manged well and did the whole work out think I will be doing that one more often. That’s all I have done today apart from trying to write this mini blog but I keep getting distracted so easily. I think from now on I will turn off Facebook so I don’t stop and talk on there well until tomorrow where I have no gym as I am out and its my rest day. Goodbye for now new blog either tomorrow or Sunday