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Hiya guys and girls hope you are all okay? As you will all know I went to see Lee Evans yesterday. We started by getting ready which David (my partner) complained about as I took for 10am till 1pm getting ready. I am not sure why he was winging i wanted to look my best.

Make up
Make up

Not sure if I did look my best but i tried. After we were both ready we got the train into London. When we got to London we were told if we left the station there we would not be able to carry on anywhere else as if we go to concerts in London we always stop for food at Stratford then get tube to next location from there but instead of the woman at the local ticket office had sold us the wrong tickets. We asked for a Travelcard so we could hope on and off the underground when we wanted but instead she gave us returns to London underground zones 1-4 which meant we could use the tubes for one journey only. This was sorted at Stratford where we had to pay an extra £1.50 each for a mistake the other ticket office made. Oh well mistakes happen. So, after that we both notice are phones battery where running low this is where we remembered that in Stratford Westfield they have charger stations where you lock your phone in a locker type box and you get free half an hour charge. (Nothing stopping you if your phone not charge taking it out and plugging back in you will get another 3omins) So, while our phones charged we went and got some food. We decided to go to McDonald’s as I didn’t fancy anything else. (yes i know diet ruined)  I had the chicken and cheese classic. I love this burger two of my favorite foods chicken and cheese yum (writing this has just made me hungry). David had the veggie deli as he is a vegetarian.

After we eaten we went to get our phones were mine was charged and David wasn’t so we put his back in and decided as i am getting a phone upgrade at the end of December I would go look at the phones in the Samsung store. I will only get a Samsung had iPhone that I got off Marc had it 2 weeks hated it so I got rid hated the restrictions you had. I have thought decided depending on what deals they have I am more going for the Samsung note 4. So, after that we went to get David’s phone to then go and get the tube to Wembley Park. Once we arrived we actually noticed we got there early but still decided to walk down to the SSE Wembley arena. Which is next to Wembley Stadium. I think I was last in this area was seeing Robbie Williams at Wembley Stadium. So, when we got there we asked where we needed to go and they said we can wait inside so that what we did. While waiting to be able to go to our seats we went and got some merchandise. I got a key ring and David got a t-shirt I decided i am going to order a t-shirt at a later date of his site.

At 6:30pm we were allowed to go and find our seats which we found. We were in block N10 row H which is about half way back from stage half way up the side. I am normally scared of heights but after being to London 02 to see McBusted I can get a little higher before getting scared. Lee Evans came on stage about 8:15pm and it was none stop laughs from start to finish. I especially loved the song he did for his wife at he end to show how much she meant to him and to finish it off he did the best bit his sketch he does to bohemian rhapsody by Queen. It was sad to see on Facebook and twitter that on Saturday this week on Johnathan Ross show Lee Evans is announcing his retirement from comedy. He is going to be missed but he has been in comedy for years so deserves a rest and spend more time with is wife and daughter which he has missed out on doing while he has been touring.

On our way back we manged to miss one train so, we got back later than we wanted to. We had to walk back in the dark as they turn the street lights off at midnight till 5am. The only lights that are on are those that at crossing and where there is junctions. Walking down the road leading to my road a guy walked across and scared the poo out of me. We didn’t see where he came from or were he went as it was so dark. I finally got into bed at 2:30am.

So, that my lee Evans trip. I went to the gym today after i got up. I manged to do 15 mins on the treadmill, excise bike and cross trainer. Then decided i would try some of the weight machines out again and then finished with a cool down on the treadmill I manged to fit that all in an hour and half hopefully do more tomorrow well today as just looked at my clock and noticed it’s actually midnight. Well I am going to finish here as I didn’t do much after gym just had dinner at my big brother Jeff’s with my sister in Law Tash and niece Mia so, bye-bye for now hopefully blog tomorrow on how i get on the gym.