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I am not feeling my self today. So, I thought I would just quickly write this before I do some crocheting to take my mind off whats going around in my head. Today Davids Christmas present arrived which is an excise bike. It took him an hour to put together. All I could hear from the bedroom was a few words that can not be repeated lol. I went to the gym but only lasted 45 minutes as I got a shooting pain up my back which is now sat in my shoulder but should be okay to go back tomorrow. Also i have spoken to my brother Marc today and my Mum who both need to learn how to answer their phones when you ring lol. Mum was at the gym so I will have to let her off.  Marc though I should let of as I know our network our having issues and my calls did keep going to his answer phone.

At the start of this blog I said i was going to go do some crocheting. I am in the middle of making my Aunty Pam a teddy as part of her Christmas present. I made David one not that long ago and looked like thisCrocheted teddy

I am don’t think its any good but I have been told it looks very good. I have also been trying to sort my view bug profile out. Which is a photography site. If you would like to check out my photos click here. Well I am going to leave you with that and I shall blog to you all tomorrow.








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