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Hiya guys and girls today I was meant to go to the gym but decided not to as my back has been sore today. I also been having a down day. Most I have done today is done some tidying. Picked up Mia from school and visited my neighbor Sue. Which I helped her put photos on Facebook and showed her the smiles as Facebook has some weird ones.


Anyone something else that has got me is what do you lot call a selfie? I have seen people post them and have always thought to myself that a selfie is a photo of you selfie and not have any other people in it. So, why is people posting pictures of them and mates calling them a selfie? I have never got this and probably never will i would just call this a groupie myself. What do you guys think? Leave comments in the comment section below?


Any way I am going to go as I want to get my dinosaur made as I have put the teddy on hold to see if the dinosaur comes together better. I am going to go to the gym tomorrow as David is going to push me out the door so, I go to the gym. I will talk to you all tomorrow. Bye for now

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