It’s Wednesday

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so, guys were shall I start with this well I think i should tell you how my group cycling went. Well it went okay I have learnt I am badly out of shape as I couldn’t even last the long stood up cycling but I am going to keep at it and keep trying I am on the waiting list for next week as they only fit 20 in a class and they do as first to book first to do the class. I actually thought my legs would hurt today but they don’t they did last night while I was resting. Also does anyone know of anything I can sit on while at the cycle class as the seat hurts my bum? I was thinking of just buying one of them gel seats that you put over the seat but not sure if the gym will allow me to do it. I could always take a cushion with me and sit on that. If you have any suggestions please comment below.


Well today I decided not to go to the gym and rest my legs but I am back there tomorrow. Today after picking my niece Mia up from school she came to mine as that she does on a Wednesday. Today she helped put my Christmas tree up which looks something like this 2014-12-03 16.13.18

I am going to redo the tinsel as i am not liking it. Other than that you will also notice I have changed the design on my blog and I hope you all like it. Well I am going to let you all go now well if you have got this far. bye bye for now






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