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Sorry these blogs seem to being put up late. Tonight though it was because I was playing the Sims 4. I love that game I can play it for hours. Anyway this is probably going to be the shortest blog ever. I didn’t go to the gym just for the fact I had shopping to do and pick Mia up from school but I am going tomorrow. We met up with the lovely Carol after school and went for a coffee. Which was very nice. After that we got Mia a snack from Gregg’s. I got the festive pizza which was very nice. After dropping her off home we quickly went for the bus as we needed to get back for our shopping as Iceland where delivering it which I got to say I was expecting it to come at 7pm they out normally earlier than that but we got enough shopping to hopefully last us a month. All we will need to top up on is milk and bread.


I can’t think what else to write so, I am going to leave it here. Hopefully Sunday I will have Part 1 of my extra blog i am writing. I will talk to you all as normal tomorrow