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Not long now and most people will be out drinking having a good time for the weekend. I will be sat at home as I don’t like to go out drinking anymore making a fool outside myself.

Well any way today will I write this blog while I write this blog. Sorry for any spelling mistakes my phone would like to put in this blog. I will change any mistakes when I get home.

I was going to go to the gym than I got a phone call from the mother asking me when I would be round. Which got changed as she said she was in wickford so thought I would jump in the car and get a lift.

We did a bit of shopping in tesco while mother and father did theirs. Then we went of to mothers house. Where my brother Marc was (as he lives there). He can be a lovely brother but today he has decided he will take the mick out of me and it’s worse when david is here as he will join in but I can always get him back later on.

I am here till after dinner which I am having steak and jacket potato yum yum. Hopefully I will have a better blog tomorrow until then by bye