It’s Saturday

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Its Saturday and today I was meant to go to the gym but didn’t as I am going to go Monday before I go and pick Hannah up from school. Instead today I go up late then got ready to go out as David wanted to go to the Mayflower retail park. We got the bus to Sainsburys which is the closest stop. We walked down a path that must not get any sun as it was still icy and the grass still had frost on it. When we got to the Mayflower  we first stopped at McDonald’s. Yes I know I am not meant to be eating McDonald’s its not going to help me lose weight but I see as a treat now and again is not going to harm. I had the festive chicken burger and David had his normal vegi deli. I wouldn’t say I didn’t like it I just thought something was missing from it. After that we came across a shop called choice. We went in there and got a few bits for christmas. We than walked to our destination that we were going to Tesco. Yes we went here yesterday with mother and father but we forgot some bits we needed. After we finished there we went home. This evening I have spent my time playing McBusted pinball game they have put up and talking to people on Facebook. I hope one day I will have something interesting to put on my blogs  but until tomorrow as I am going on a trip bye bye for now

(Sunday Selfie will be up at 9am tomorrow)


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