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Hiya all today I have been to the gym ๐Ÿ™‚ I was there from 11am till 1pm. I need to set myself a target as I think this will motivate me a bit more to work harder at the gym. I am hoping that tomorrow I am at group cycling but I am still number 2 in the waiting list ๐Ÿ™ I really want to be doing that class as I really enjoy it. Plus I got to get the practice in for the 22nd as I am booked in to Xmas group cycling where we do 45 minutes have a rest than do another 45 minutes. I should burn off my Christmas dinner before I have even eaten it. I am also going to try to be good over Christmas and not eat too much or I am going to have too much to lose. I at least want to be down a size by my birthday in February. (Fingers crossed everyone)


I have seen my lovely neighbor Sue today we had a good catch up and a coffee. We also dropped her prezzie to her and her card. So, We do not forget. I am sure I was going to write something good next but my mind just went blank hate it when that happens though today I am going to blame tiredness and going to be even more tired this week. I got someone coming to look at our fan in the bathroom on Wednesday as its leaking water and I am sure it’s not meant to be. On Thursday I am going to Mia’s school for lunch (Yum school dinner). Friday we have got the estate agents here doing a flat inspection so, all fun. Oh, and in between this all I got to fit in the gym :).


I am going to leave it here for tonight or I will never get to bed but saying that staying up a bit late as I want to see when my gyms booking system goes over to see if I can book into next weeks group cycling just in case I have to miss tomorrows. So, talk to you all tomorrow.


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