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Today is Sunday so tomorrow is Monday. Well today I have been on a little journey to Rainham. We only went here to go and get something that we also got the other days these ribbons

Unwrap Joy
Unwrap Joy


This is the one we got for me and the owl for my Christmas present who is sat by my Christmas tree as he is not being wrapped. On way back to the train station we could hear noises and we found a pub that had aviaries  in the pub garden. In the aviaries in the first one was budgies, cockatiels and Guinea-pigs I wouldn’t have thought they would have Guinea-pigs in with birds but in the next aviary had finches and a rabbit in it and last aviary had Rosella’s, ring neck parakeets, a duck and fishes. I always thought a guinea-pig or rabbit would injury or kill a bird?

After we got home we did our housework then i did some crocheting I am in the middle of making my auntie Pam’s Christmas present I will not be posting a picture of it until Christmas day. Which I am kind of looking forward to but Christmas to me does not feel the same.


I am looking also for more blogs to follow if you know of any good ones please leave a comment below with the link or tweet me them by clicking here. You can also find me on Facebook here. Until tomorrow which I am going to try to put this up before 9pm talk to you all soon