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I am sure time is just flying by it want be long and it christmas 🙁 wish everything would just slow down just a little. I feel like my whole life is just passing by too quick. I am not even feeling like it Christmas even with my tree up. Oh well it will soon be here and gone.


Well today I have been busy doing housework and sitting on my bum. As well as picking Mia up from school. The gym rang me but by the time the rang me I had already decided I was not in a gym mood so decided not to go group cycling but I have booked myself into next weeks already than the week after is my 90 minute group excise class which I can not wait for. I am off to the gym tomorrow before I go pick Mia up from school and before she comes to mine as its Wednesday.


Sorry these blogs are short. I will try make tomorrows longer until then night night