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So, I have decided to write my blogs in stages but they will go up as one blog at the end of the day just so I know I have got everything in. This Morning started with me getting up late and not having time to go to the gym this morning so have decided to go after I have dropped my niece back off home so i will probably only get an hour or so in tonight. I had my breakfast of a cup of coffee and 2 pieces of toast with marmite Yum Yum. I love marmite the thicker its on the toast the better. I have also looked at my comments on here and I am enjoying the feed back I am getting. Well I better leave the Morning here (its actually 13:10 as I write this) and actually get on with things I need to do before my niece comes round.



This afternoon I have picked Mia up from school and took her round to mine so she could have a Sims 4 evening. I also cooked her dinner of curly fries and chicken nuggets. She is funny playing the Sims now and again all you here is stop doing that. We always look at her and say stop doing what? lol After we took Mia home we finished the little bit of housework we had to do. Yes I know what you thinking wasn’t you meant to go to the gym? Well yes I was but I thought I would just do more time Friday but I don’t think I will even get a chance as got flat inspection and then going to pick Hannah up from school and bring her to mine for the weekend 🙂 I can’t wait to spend time with her. As I am writing this I have my lovely neighbor Sue here having a coffee and a chat. So, I am going to leave you know and chat to you all soon bye bye