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It’s Thursday

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Hiya boys and girls this would been up earlier but I have been busy. First of all today I have been to town and got a few things we needed and a pizza for me and hannah to share tomorrow. When we went to get bus back so I could pick my gym stuff up but the bus was over 50 minutes late due to the council shutting part of the road of to cut the bushes back.  So, instead I went straight to mia’s school to have lunch with her. The lunch was chicken and bacon with pasta in a cheese sauce it was okay bit cold but pudding was the best it was chocolate sponge with custard yum yum

After lunch I went home and helped David fix the bird feeding station we have outside our bedroom window. After that we went and picked mia up from school. After dropping her of home I went to the gym for a hour or so. After that I got the bus home and have done hardly anything since. I have also been feeling very tired so took myself to bed after my cockatiels went to bed. I am now watching couples retreat and talking to my lovely friend sue. So, for now bye bye