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It’s friday again. Told you these weeks are going fast. Well I am not to well today but I am battling through as hannah is coming to stop with me until Sunday. I am on my way to collect her as I am writing this part.

My flat inspection went well 🙂 There going to report the floor in the kitchen as it bounces when you walk on it and they said it wouldn’t be good if the floor did go and we landed in Sues flat. I have not done anything else today.


I picked hannah up from school with my dad and came straight back to mine. We had dinner then we went for a walk to see the Christmas lights people have put up like we do every year. Once we got we played in our laptops for a little while before I showed hannah how to make a hat out of wool and a toilet tub. I will be putting a blog up with pictures soon. Any way I am off to bed talk to you all tomorrow (and I have got to get hannah to sleep)