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Today I have been for a mini walk. I say mini as david camera died just as we got half way down the road so we turned back. After that we went to the hairdressers so david could get his hair cut. After that we walked to town. We bumped into tash and mia while in town. We got a Greggs while we were there. Me and hannah had a yum yum each. Me and hannah went round to mia’s after. When we got back home we had some dinner while we waited for sue to txt to say she was coming up for a coffee. After having a nice chat and coffee with sue we finished watching a tv programme and got into bed. Hannah has just dropped off to sleep at 11:30 at night while I have been writing this blog. So, I am now going to call it a night and go to sleep two. Chat to all tomorrow

(Sorry no follow friday yesterday I have not been able to get in PC to get the links double this week)