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What a tiring day today has been. We started of by having a walk to Wick country park in Wickford. it was freezing out today there was still frost on the ground when we were on our way back. We go here to take photos of the wildlife. If you would like to check out my photos click here and we also upload some to here. In the next couple of days I will do a blog which will have some of my pictures in it. After our walk we had some lunch of beans on toast as it is what Hannah wanted. I also had to pack Hannah’s stuff up so I did that to before we set of to take her home. After we got her home we went and picked up some CD’s that we had brought of someone. After we got we had our dinner. I went and saw sue quickly to check out her outfit as she of to her works due and she looked stunning and I hope she has a good night. I am now watching the final of the fix factor (X Factor) Don’t think i will be watching this next year. I’ve had enough of the judges not actually listening to the fans that our sat right behind them. surely if you can hear people booing it means they don’t like them so, why keep them in? Well I am going to go and finish watching it just to see who wins it. Bye bye for now