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Sorry this is up late but I have been busy trying to take pictures of stars. Will add pictures to a blog soon. Today I have been into town and got my Nan’s Christmas present and my aunties present. I also picked up the rest of Tash’s birthday present which I am hoping she likes. As I was picking up Hannah today from school I decided to take Amber’s present to her as its her birthday on thursday I can not believe she is going to be 2 its gone so fast. We got her a Peppa Pig onsie as she is into peppa pig at the moment and she seemed very happy with it pointing out peppa pig on it. After I got home after seeing Hannah and Amber I went down to see Sue and I showed her again how to upload pictures to her Facebook but this time she wrote it down so she wouldn’t forget how to upload them. Tomorrow I am picking up Mia from school and then off to group cycling. I have just booked last weeks even though I am booked in on the Monday for the two 45 minutes class I thought it would still be best to do the Tuesday to keep up the Tuesday routine. Well that’s all for tonight I will blog again tomorrow.Night everyone