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So, Today I started the day by having Marmite on toast yum yum. While I was having my breakfast I started making a start to dinner I made stew for dinner. I put it on a very low heat so it could be slow cooked and be ready for when we got back from picking Mia up from school and before I went to my group excise class. I got say the stew was very nice. At gym class today I even manged to a few of the stand up parts. I really need to strengthen my leg muscles. I am also thinking of pulling out of the Xmas cycle class as my cycle teacher thinks as I have only been to two spin classes it will be too much but has said if i do it and only mange the first 45 minutes at least I tried but at the moment I have got group cycling on the Tuesday unless I get a phone call saying its cancelled. I am hoping it’s not I really enjoy my Tuesday night. right I am going to go bed as I up early ish in the morning so I can go to the gym and fight through the leg pain I already have. so, night night