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Today I have had a lazy Sunday apart the little bit of hovering and washing up I had a very lazy day. I have even stayed in my pajamas all day. As I wasn’t going anywhere what was the point in getting dressed. I have also done some crocheting

Can you guess what it is?
Can you guess what it is?

My lovely neighbor Sue came up to see me and was happy that two of my birds went and saw her. Oh and I forgot to tell you all Star one of our females (Lola is the other one) has laid 5 eggs all infertile she doesn’t have a partner. We our hoping there are no more but you never know with Star she may decided to drop another one in 2 days. What I liked about this one is that Star wanted me to stay with her while she laid it and even let me stroke her head to keep her calm. Though she gave us a scare couple of days ago as we thought her 4th egg was stuck but it turned out she just needed some quiet as she laid that one when I was out. Star is in the last throw back Thursday for you all to see after this blog I will do an extra one with a photo of each of my cockatiels so you know who I am talking about when I am writing about them,


This evening I have been trying to get my portable hard drive to work on my mac but I have had no luck so, have decided to give up and put it all on memory card then move it to my laptop then to my hard drive. as I can view the portable hard drive on the mac just can’t save anything to it unless i am on my laptop. Any way going to go know so bye-bye for now


P.S stupid chrome crashed