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Only 3 more sleeps until Christmas.


Hiya everyone how are you all? Today I am feeling good. David comes home today after seeing his Mum. Can not wait to see him missed him like crazy. So, Today before David got back I have watched The Santa Clause the movie I have also been to town to get more nuts for the squirrel and some treats for my birds. I also got a free subway as the online system had gone down so, I couldn’t redeem my points 🙂 I got a phone call from David asking me to go to London Euston to meet him so, He could have help carrying all the presents back. Which I got to see I am feeling very spoilt with the amount he has got me. I feel silly with just the 10 I got him as I had less money as bills needed to be paid. I will make it up to him his birthday is in January so if I can afford it I will spoil him then. I actually got to london Euston an hour earlier then I should have done. So, I rang David and he said I could get a Burger King while I wait (Yes diet is being ruined). The arrivals board annoyed me as it one minute said his train was on time, the next minute he was late. Lucky though he was on time. When we got home he got all my presents out and showed me home many gifts I had. Since then he has been playing games on his computer while I have been editing some photos of my birds that I took yesterday I will add some to this blog for you all to see. I am going to leave this here  Night, Night everyone