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2 sleeps to go 🙂

So, tomorrow is Christmas eve and what have been doing the day before Christmas eve? Well I went into town to get a few bits oh, and to go find prawns as I had a phone call of my mum saying that Tesco had sold out of prawns. Which didn’t surprise me. We first tried Aldi thinking they would have some but they didn’t but the store kept telling us they still had prawn rings which is not what we wanted. We then went to iceland to see if they had some and bingo they did and we didn’t just go for the small prawns we got her king prawns. So, I now know Christmas day I will be getting my prawn starter 🙂

When we finished there we got on the bus and headed to Basildon as there town centre is bigger and I needed argos. I got a lovely necklace with the money David’s mum and dad gave me to get something extra. A Rose shaped necklace which I love. After that we went to mums to help her move her room around and she made us dinner.
I also had one of my auntie Pam’s cakes she made and they were soooo nice, better than my mum’s. 

After we got home I did some crocheting before a little tiding. I then decided it was time to tackle the Brussels sprouts note to self never offer to peel the sprouts ready for Christmas. Well I didn’t go to the gym today I cancelled my group exercise so, that I could help my mum out. Well as its nearly 1 am I going to go to sleep. Night night everyone