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Christmas day

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Merry Christmas everyone.

So, today is Christmas day and have to say it’s been a good day. I got a lot of present a d loved them all. I will add a list of my prezzies tomorrow as I am really tired.

We went to my mums house for Christmas dinner and it was very nice. I helped serve dinner with tash as my mum was not well at all and my brother wasn’t either. I hope they get better soon. Not nice being ill over Christmas.

Tomorrow is boxing day and this is when me and david spend the whole day with are birds as it’s there day. On boxing day 2011 we lost are first bird Quavers who brought us happiness every day and was hard so in her memory we spend the day giving our 6 now all the time they could want.

I know some people would probably think we take it over the top but quavers was our baby and we miss her soo much. Well I am going to leave it here as I am getting very tired and I know I will he back awake soon as been finding it hard to sleep again. So, bye bye for now