Happy new year

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happy new year to you all.

so, yesterday I got my new phone. I went for the note 4 and i got to say I already Love it. Last night me and david went out for new year I managed to drink a whole bottle of wine in a hour and half aswell as a Malibu andcoke and a glass of champagne.

tomorrow I have got my nieces Amber and Hannah coiming to stop for the night. Amber’s first sleep over and I can not wait 🙂 Not to sure what we are going to do yet but part of it involves going tothe park and feeding the ducks.

I would also like to thank David for looking after me Last night. I have also decided I am not drinking wine ever again. It turns me into a motion wreck lol

wellI am goingto leave thishere now and will write again tomorrow. Night night everyone

was leaving this until sunday but I will share now

me Last night

me Last night

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