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Hello everyone sorry I haven’t been posting I have been full of cold and then to top it off today I have got an upset stomach hoping it’s fine tomorrow I really need to get back to the gym. I have been once this week and that was on tuesday for my group cycling class which I did very well in. Just wish the air conditioning wouldn’t cut out as it gets well hot in there.

Tomorrow I am going to the gym and to take my library books back as I forgot to renew them so now owe the library 20p for one day being late and I also forgot what day they where due back. Starting Sunday I will start up the Sunday selfie again then on Thursday will be throw back Thursday which will involve an old picture or a link to an old blog.

Fridays will be follow Friday again to but I need to look for more blogs so, if you know any good ones leave the link in the comment section. Oh and Marc if you actually read this your a pain in the bum but your my brother so, I got to like you lol Nah love ya really.

I am going to say night for now and go check out my brothers blog marc

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