Not a good day

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So, today I was meant to be going the gym but something come up which I don’t want to post about yet until I get more news on it. This has also stop me going to the gym as I really couldn’t face it but will be back tomorrow as if i don’t I will never lose this weight.

All I have done today since I got back in is play The Sims 4 I got the game pack yesterday for it called Outdoor Retreat. I can now take my Sims camping. I only really play this game now when I am fed up and down. I can go and take my mind of everything that is going on around me and forget my problems to them to just hit me again once I have finished playing.

My cockatiel Star has decided that it is time to lay her 1st clutch of eggs this year. She was the other day sat on 2 but she broke one when chasing one of the others away from her box but it was replaced yesterday or the day before that. She is due to lay another one today or tomorrow. None is fertile as she has not got a partner. We are hoping one day she will choose are youngest Pip as her partner but he is not ready yet he is about 9 months old. We not to sure as where we got him wasnt sure either. We were also told he was a girl that’s why his name is actually Pippa but we shorten it to Pip. I am just hoping that our other female cockatiel Lola doesn’t go into egg laying hers are more likely to be fertile as she has a partner called Lou.

Well I am now not sure what to write about so, I may as well leave it here. Bye bye everyone lets hope tomorrow is a better day.

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