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Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while while but with me being ill then david being ill I have been busy.

Today I went to group cycling. I haven’t been to the gym for a week until today. I also have been told it’s getting busy at the gym. When I went up before group cycling to fill my water bottle all gym equipment was being used. Hoping it’s not like this during the day.

I will be going to the gym tomorrow as I really want to lose my weight. I am not happy with it any more. So, I am hoping it don’t take to long to come of. I have been using an app called my fitness pal which has showed me that I have been eating to many calories and snacking to much. So, with the help of that and people on it getting behind me and of course you guys I should be on my way to losing the weight soon.

Well I am going to go and leave you all to go back to sleep so, night everyone