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Sorry I haven’t been blogging but I am having a really bad time. I’ve got to find somewhere else to live and its being very difficult. As soon as something comes up it seems like something else gets in the way and my local council are not very helpful either but I am sure we will be home soon. We out waiting to go a view some where just waiting for them to get the keys back so, then they can book us a viewing. I am hoping it’s soon.

Any way apart from that I still been going to the gym but only on a Tuesday when I have the group cycling not sure why I call it that as it’s a spin class they call it group cycling at the gym. I have gone down in size of clothing but still weigh the same so guessing that I am starting to build muscles up.

Well I am going to go and watch Birds of a feather. I really love this program do wish that Matt Willis was still in it he was a good Garth. so, Night night everyone