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I not blogged in which seems ages. I hope all my followers are okay? Well I’ve been in a right stress with this flat one minute we are allowed to stay next we having to move out and allowed to stay wish they make their minds up. Also my little cockatiel Mr Pippa has been very ill he had a 1% chance he would survive he has gone a proved to everyone e is a little fighter. It all started with him just sleeping couldn’t eat and was just cuddling at this point we really did think that was it but he made it trough the night but over night he had started pooping blood so, we got him to our local avian vet. Who kept him in for one night while he got given antibiotics and fluids. We went to see him the next day to see how he was and was allowed to bring him home as long as we were happy given him his antibiotics. We were so happy to get him home but over night at home he took a turn. We took him back to the vets where we found out over night e had a stroke and to just take him home and carry on with what we were doing as he side effects from the stroke where minor. He has now picked up a lot from the other day and is doing better. He is now out of the hospital box and in a smaller cage so he as a bit more room. He is back at vets on Wednesday for a check up.

On Saturday I went and picked up my brothers Girlfriend Amy who we both know from school. We had a good catch up on a journey that was meant to take an hour actually took us 3 hours just to do the underground. Just because the lifts were out. Amy is in a wheelchair so we need lifts. They also made us walk from London Bridge to Fenchurch street just because they couldn’t get us any were near. Once we finally got to are destination after all the walking my legs killed. My walking app said i had done 11.87 miles 28,861 footsteps. At the moment I am sat waiting for midnight to get here so I can book my spin class for next week. I will be testing my spin shoes out tomorrow so will let you know how that goes.

I will be trying to do a blog everyday but I can be very forgetful if something gets in the way it knocks me for a while till I can get the courage to write another blog. So, untill my next blog bye-bye for now

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