Saturday 28th March

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Hiya all my fantastic readers hope you are all well? I have been very bust unpacking boxes as we gotths good news that we dont have to move, which I am very happy about. Today is the first day of easter half term so, I have my niece Hannah stopping with me until Thursday. Todaywe have been on a bus journey to Southend. We manged to catch the bus my mum and dad was on so, we sat them.  Mum thought I had planned it as we timed it just right to be at the buss stop as it was just down the road. Well I did ring her to see where the bus was. Well in southend we wentfor a coffee with mum and dad and then left them to go shopping on there own. We went of to the sea front and played in the arcade where hannah won these ducks on the 2p machine


So, many ducks. After that we went back up to meet my mum and dad to get the bus back but as we had not eaten yet we decided we would go into basildon and get a McDonald’s then come home. When we finally got home hannah played with her new doll and ducks while I popped to the shop to get milk. Hannah is now in bed so, is mum and david but I cant sleep as have a bit of pain in my side. I am having test to see if my gallbladder is okay as, I suffer from really bad pain in stomach on one side.  It can be that bad it can makeme cry.

Well any way a week today and I am off to see McBusted and I cant wait. Sunday selfie tomorrow and hopefully a short blog as I cannow write these inbed as I have a tab now 🙂 so, until tomorrow night everyone

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