Monday 30th march

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Hello everyone how are you all? Today i took hannah to the park where we feed the geese and the ducks. We also took my cameras so, we could take some pictures which soon I will be up loading to my viewbug soon but it will be in many stages as i can upload 10 at a time per week. I only have a free account and they have poo rules. I am getting very excited fir saturday I am hoping my partner is better before then so, he can come with me. If not have to settle for my mum coming with me much better then going on my own especially with time I will get back so, girls and guys I will apoligise now saturdays blog with will be on sunday as there will e no chance of me writting it when I get home. Be to tired. Eiter saturdays or sundays gig is being recorded I am hoping its more saturday gig being recordeed as thats the one i am going to. Would also like to say thank you to everyone who reads this for reading my blog and taking their time to do so. I know that sometimes i forget to write and i am sorry i will try my best to keep up with these. Well i am only still up as i need to book my gym class for next week i love my gym class i have even got the cycling shoes to go with now so, I am using my legs more which is helping. I am starting the gym again next week so i can use the kids being of and not having to pick my nieces up meaning i have more time. Any way i better go so i can book my gym class. Night everyone

P.s sorry for any grammer and spellings still trying to work out how to use my tab to check the spellings

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