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Hello everyone I am just back from my spin class and just wanted to say hi to everyone. I have been told today at my gym from regulars in my class that I have lost weight I don’t feel like I have especially with the amount I have eaten over the week while I haven’t been to the gym. The most I have done is cut down the fizzy drinks I know drink a lot of flavoured water which I feel a bit better for doing. I just know need to cut out all the fatty foods. I can do this 3 months till the summer need to get a summer body ready and to make myself happy and confident again.

With the help of my followers on here and all my friends and family I will get there I just need to motivate myself a little. Tomorrow if I get a chance I will be writing my blog from Saturday to tell you all about my concert at the 02 and how great McBusted were. I would also will add to that blog about my day out on Easter Sunday so, keep a look out for that blog. Know I have my kindle fire I should be able to blog a bit more. Well hopefully I will blog a bit more as starting fully back at the gym this week so, will have something to talk about. I want to try more classes but not sure what to do my spin teacher is going to be doing the new combat classes and said she wants all the spin members to do it and I am like no it will do my back in. Going to look into actually getting up early so I can start doing zumba class after I get back from my holiday 🙂

Well I want keep you any longer hope you all enjoy my blogs and I don’t bore you to much. Bye for now