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Wednesday 8th april 2015

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Hello everyone what a nice day it has been today. The sun has been shinning and its been warm enough just to wear a jumper when going out. I decided today that I need to do more at the gym even thou I didn’t go today but have booked into zumba in the morning so, I have to be up early to be at the gym for 10am. I don’t normally get up till 9am but I will need to have breakfast and walk there. Going to go up into the gym after to have a little work out. Also on monday I am booked into aqua zumba but may have to cancel that if I am not back from London in time as I am going with my dad to pick the lovely Amy up.

Today I have been to my mums and then went into town to get a cover for my kindle but no where I had one smaller enough as I only have the 6″ kindle and its hard to find a case for it. Well I am going to let you all go as I haven’t got much more to say. So, enjoy the rest of you night I am going to go off and relax so bye bye for now