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So, today has been a tiring day it all started with an 8am get up time with getting ready and having breakfast before I went to my zumba class. I have also started using my gym bag which is actually a laptop bag but I take so, much stuff to the gym its much easier. I really enjoyed zumba that I have booked myself in for next week. On way back I got my partners prescriptions for him and put them in at the pharmacy and told them I would collect later. I got home to my partner had rearrange my living room. He also need to go and get some mdf so, he could build a cupboard of some sort so, after I got changed out my gym stuff we went to the diy shop and also picked up some lunch from Tesco as at this stage I was staving. The diy shop was giving us a phone call back as my partners measurements meant they had to figure out the cheapest way to cut it and then ring us with the price so, we went home and carried on tidying. After we had the phone call a few hours later we had to go back to the diy shop to pay for what we needed and then decided to go into town and get some stuff we needed and to get some salad bits for our dinner as we are both trying to eat healthy. On way back home as we got the bus we decided to get off and pick my partners meds up and walk the rest of the way.

After a little sit down I started to get pain in my leg so take my mind of it I did some colouring. Yes I am 27 years old but I still like to colour it helps me to relax its the same with crocheting. After a little while as pain was still there I went for a shower and then got in to bed where I am now a fitting this blog on my tab. I have also put a website bag on my leg to hopefully help with what ever is wrong I think it’s either I have done too much or I have pulled a muscles but if I rest it I am sure it will be fine any way I am going to go and read a book on my kindle and then go asleep (well if I don’t fall asleep first) Night everyone