McBusted 2015

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On April 4th I went to see McBusted at the 02 but as normal we went for food in Stratford first. This time though I had to pop into primark to pick up some shoes as the ones I was wearing were cutting into my feet so, I got myself some new boots which were very comfy. When we arrived at the 02 I went straight to the merchandise stand where I got myself the tour hoodie, the tour programme, omg tin which had stickers a poster and a inflatable hand in it, I also got guitar picks and a cotton bracelet. We also got my mum a cup as we felt guilty for not taking her with me as my partner was well enough to come with me.

When we got into the venue we got some food and a drink and then went to are seats. We didn’t have a bad view from our seats. We were near the b stage so, when they got on the b stage I would have a amazing view. The supports acts where not as good as I thought they might be thats why I cant remember there names lol

McBusted came on stage about 9pm as they were running late. They stage was a giant arcade machine. The set list was as follows

1.Air guitar
2. Hate your guts
3. One for the radio (McFly cover)
4. Thunderbirds are go (Busted cover)
5. Get over it
6. You said no (Busted cover)
7. 3am (Busted cover)
8. What happened to your band?

then on the b-stage which they come down in the back to the future car

9.Air Hostess (Busted cover)
10. What I go to school for (Busted cover)
11. Obviously (McFly cover)
12. Beautiful girls are the loneliest

then it was back to the main stage which they did this by walking back like they wgere getting married with Dougie being the bride and matt being the groom.

13. Crasher the wedding (Busted cover)
14. Riding on my bike. James was riding on his bike across the stage.
15. All about you (McFly cover) which they also did a kiss cam where it pointed to dougies family which where 2 girls and that kissed on camera which made dougie stop playing.
16. Star girl (McFly cover)

And for the encore

17. 5 colours in her hair (McFly cover)
18. Shine a light (McFly Cover)
19. Year 3000 (Busted cover)
Also in this some where they had a battle on the arcade machine playing a wrestling type game.

so that was my night check out the photos below 🙂

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