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sat here in mt bed shorts and gym crop top as it’s too hot. They saying its the hottest day here in he uk for a long time. Temperature in my flat has 31.5. I am so hoping for cooler weather tomorrow. Once my estate agents have been me and my partner are going attempted to make are own AC cooler. We just seen a video on YouTube on how to make one. So, that is wat we have planned to do.

I went to the doctors couple of weeks ago to find out i have lost 5lb since November when they last weighed me. I will probably get re weighed on Friday when i find out if i need to have an operation to remove the gallstones I have got. I am hoping that they decide to operate I cant cope with the gallbladder attacks. One last week lasted for 3 whole days and till then the doctors had taken me of my meds as they didn’t work but had to give me something for the pain. They gave my tramodol which is what I have for my back when that plays up

This was only a short one as my laptop is over heating so better get it turned off I will chat to you all on saturday when hopefully there will be another blog to write about 🙂 bye-bye for now