Sorry I am day late

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I am so sorry that I am a day late. Yesterday I spent most of my time with a baby dove as we had to wait till the rspca to pick it up. Thats the little one below in the picture

Little dove
the little dove sat having a cuddle

Well on Friday I went to the hospital to find out what they are going to do with my gallbladder. I got the choice of either going on a low fat diet which I have already tried and I still get attacks so, I have gone for the 2nd option, which is to have surgery to remove my gallbladder that the doctor agreed would be best as I have already tried the first option. So, know it’s just a sit and wait for the appointment to come through from the hospital. I am in to minds about the operation as there is risk that they could do damage to my other organs which will mean more operations after, but I am also looking forward to not having so, many attacks as it says in the information they have given me that you can still have problems even after having surgery. Which I am hoping is not what I will have to go through and that it all disappears.

I have also been crocheting I have so, far made a Peppa Pig and her brother George.

Peppa pig
This is Peppa Pig
George pig
This is George

I have got to finish George which, shouldn’t take me long. I am thinking about doing Mummy pig and Daddy pig to, but I have got to look up their colours as I am not sure what colours they are. If you know please leave me comment at the bottom of this blog. I am also looking for a Minnie mouse pattern at the moment I cannot find a good one.

I have weighed myself this morning and I am weighing 13st 13lbs which means I need to try harder with the gym as I have maintained my weight, which is better than me putting it all back on. Tomorrow I got Aqua Zumba which I really enjoy. On Tuesday I will be going to spin class. Not sure what to do Wednesday may actually go up into the gym then Thursday I have Zumba. I need to somewhere at a strength workout. I have started to make my meals smaller and also trying to get up and have breakfast so it kicks starts my day.

Well better go and get to bed as off to Primark tomorrow to take something back then to the gym night everyone.

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