Its Monday

Well today I was meant to go to Primark to take my item back, but I just couldn’t face going out today the reason is, I had pain in my jaw all day and could only open my mouth halfway before it hurt also when I lean forward I get really bad pain in my face. I haven’t even been to the gym as I didn’t think it was best.
For most of the day I have been playing Sims4 or games on facebook. I have wanted to sleep for most of it. I am trying to think of  things my blog should be about each day I was thinking that Mondays I should do a weekly blog of what I have been up to and then throw back Thursday and selfie Sunday. The rest of the time I will do random blogs on subjects of interest to me and that I think will be interesting to you. I would like to know what you think so comment below and if you want to suggest a subject leave it in the comment section.
I know this one is short, but not done much. So, Unless I think of a blog to write I will see you all on throw back Thursday 🙂

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  1. Hi Laura. I hope your jaw feels better soon.

    Your blog is coming along nicely. One subject you could probably write about is what films and music you like.
    You could do reviews for DVDs or CDs. 🙂

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